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Online parts reference guide for COOLTECH Machines.

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Our Cool Technologies™ Frozen Drink Dispensers make the finest ice crystal available. Perfect for your Restaurant or Rental Business. Our pressurized units keep your alcoholic product fresh without refrigeration for up to one week. No need to empty and clean out the chamber each night.

Our unit's portability also makes them perfect for home deliveries. These machines are high capacity, producing 8 + gallons of frozen product per hour. A 5 gallon pressurized product tank is included with each machine. Arrange multiple tanks in tandem for continuous flow. Ten gallon tanks are also available.

Cool Tech Machines are finished in stainless steel and plug into a standard 110 volt/20 amp electrical outlet. Online basic maintenance procedure tutorials coming soon.

New and Refurbished Cool Tech Frozen Drink Machines Pricing

• New Machine: $4,990.00 - One year parts warranty •


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Below is a list of parts available from Frozen Drinks Unlimited®. This form is for reference only. Orders and pricing information can be obtained via e-mail or by calling (214) 340-1500.


Part Number Description

  Available machine parts from
Frozen Drinks Unlimited
Part Number Description
2020 Bag-In-Box Pump
2025 Teflon Bearing
2087 Scraper Blade
2104 Dispenser Auto. Control
2129 Scraper Blade Spring
2242 Teflon Disc
2429 Pin, Agitator Shaft
3209 Dow III Lubricant
4623 Inner Body Seal
4624 Inner-outer Seal, O-ring
4625 Inner Seal, O-ring
4626 Outer Body Seal
4627 Outer Seal, O-ring
4628 Bearing Retainer Nut
4629 Micro Switch
4630 Torque Spring
4643 Drip Tray
4644 Drip Tray Grill
4654 Faucet, #350 Plastic
4677 Face Plate O-ring
4692 Faucet, O-ring (inner)
4693 Run Capacitor
4698 Drive Belt
4699 Motor Bearing
4814 Isolator, Bearing
4836 Pulley Extension
4885 Leg, 4" Black
4901 Tank, 5 gallon product
4906 1/4" Male Tank Out
4907 1/4" Male Tank In
4971 Faucet, Mounting O-ring
5054 Face Plate
5082 Spring Cover
5169 Single Dispenser
5184 Dowel Pin, 1/8" x 5/8", S.S.
5221 Sanitizer - 1 gallon
5226 Pressure Relief Knob
5235 Twin Pre-Mix Dispenser
5268 Single Dispenser w/Air Comp.
5288 2 H.P. Condensing Unit
5392 Bracket, Micro Switch Act.
5405 Product Tank, O-ring
5446 Indicator Light
5447 Rocker Switch
5451 Belt, Twin
5488 Pressure Relief Assembly
5663 Ceramic Outer Seal
5667 Seal, Carbon Type
5668 Single, Ceramic Seal Kit
5672 Ceramic Drive Shaft Assy.

#5268 Single Dispenser

#5268 Single Dispenser


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